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EGCIS’s Elementary School Support Program




English language instruction for elementary school students at EGCIS covers a wide range of topics from 1st grade to 5th grade, including spelling, grammar, sentence structure, reading comprehension, and basic essay writing. Our expert tutors will begin by evaluating and identifying students’ weak points, from which we will work closely with students to build a well-rounded skill set in English. In doing so, we hope that students will enter middle school with confidence that they can take on any English challenge thrown their way.



Math skills learned in elementary school are skills that will find use throughout the rest of your life. Anything from basic arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) to written math problems are skills that students will find useful for the rest of their life, in school and beyond. At EGCIS, our expert tutors will provide students with hands-on experience with numbers so that working with numbers becomes second nature. EGCIS also provides advanced math education for students seeking to skip grades in math.



In elementary school science, it is important to learn the concept of “experimentation and observation.” At EGCIS, we teach students these skills by catering to their interests and getting them to ask: “why do things happen the way they do?” In addition to assistance with their school assignments, we help students to choose a topic of their own choice and to work through the scientific method of hypothesis, observation, and conclusion.


Social Studies

The topics taught in elementary school social studies range from familiar everyday matters to an introduction to broader social issues. In order to get students interested in world events from an early stage, our knowledged tutors at EGCIS will use fun newspaper articles and documentaries to engage students. While students may struggle with the amount of memorization that is necessary in social studies, we employ proven memorization tactics and periodization to ensure this weakness becomes a strong suit. Similar to our services in the natural sciences, we also provide assistance for any research projects that may come up in the upper grades.

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