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EGCIS’s Middle School Support Program

Courses provided at middle schools at international schools are primarily basic courses of study for high school. Some of the classes are designed to be taken in a general high school setting, so this is a time for students to move up one level. The four main subjects are English, Math, Science, and Social Studies.



Sentence Structures and Essay Writing

Middle school is a time when students begin to write essays more frequently, making it important to study English grammar and sentence structures thoroughly. Our expert tutors will teach you how to write solid sentences with as few grammatical errors as possible, including independent clauses, dependent clauses, subject, object, prepositional phrases, etc., which are important to perfect in academic writing. Doing this will build a strong foundation for writing in high school which will enable you to write research papers and college essays.



Middle school is a key period for expanding one’s vocabulary. Having a wide-ranging lexicon is not only important in enabling you to be more articulate in your writing but will also improve your speaking and reading skills. To help students deepen their English vocabulary, we use flashcards, quizzes, and periodic Vocabulary Tests. By building vocabulary early on, students will be better prepared for the SAT, AP Literature, IB English, and other high school entrance exams.


Reading Comprehension

As students move up through the grades, they will be exposed to increasingly challenging books within their English curriculum. However, international school students tend to struggle with understanding themes and concepts presented in the literature that goes beyond the literal meaning of what is written. This is why we offer support by starting with a well-suited book for your grade level as we go over key points and study strategies for reading texts. In addition, regular discussions about the content of the books will be held so that students will be able to understand any book that they come across.



Pre Algebra

Middle school mathematics focuses on content that serves to prepare students for algebra and onwards in high school. At EGCIS, our expert tutors will provide support in pre-algebra concepts such as factors and multiples, exponents, variables, inequalities, and linear functions. By gaining a strong foundational understanding of these topics, we will help you prepare for advanced mathematics courses that students will face in their IB or AP curriculum.


Written Problems and Applied Mathematics

No matter how much you memorize mathematical formulas and theorems, these are pointless without the ability to apply them to real-world scenarios. Comprehension of written math problems is an entirely separate skill from solving equations that many students have difficulty with. In order to be prepared for this, it is important for students to familiarize themselves with various types of math problems of everyday matters such as interest rates (simple interest) and distance formula calculations using systems of equations, fractions, functions, etc. By familiarizing one’s self with these types of probelms at an early stage, students will develop a deeper appreciation of mathematics and improve their English skills.



The science curriculum from 6th grade to 8th grade serves to build the foundation for the natural sciences of physics, chemistry, and biology in high school. Students will learn about the periodic table of elements, 2D kinematics, cell biology, and how to conduct experiments in labs. Having a thorough understanding of these topics is paramount as students move on to high school, where subjects becoming increasingly specific and advanced. EGCIS’s expert tutors will support you on this your scientific journey by ensuring you fully understand scientific concepts, and how to analyze experimental results to write lab reports. Even if you believe science is not a strong suit, don’t worry—our tutors will make sure students learn in a fun and engaging way!


Social Studies

For social studies, middle school students will learn foundational concepts and facts pertaining to sociology, geography, and world history. These are essential subjects for students to grasp as they move on to more advanced subjects in high school such as economics, politics, and philosophy. Specifically, students learn to analyze landforms and world maps, as well as world history by period. By becoming familiar with contemporary issues and world affairs in our society, students will be able to determine what they wish to study in the social sciences during high school and beyond.

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